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Our support for Plan International UK

School of TEFL supports Plan International UK in their mission to create a fairer world for every child.

Working to help children thrive

Plan International UK are a global charity working to advance children’s rights and equality for girls around the world. Their work spans education, healthcare, child marriage, humanitarian response and more, creating a powerful force for change.

They now work with communities in over 50 countries across the world to tackle the root causes of exclusion and injustice for all children. They are building a future where every child is safe, in charge of their body, and has access to the education and opportunities they need to thrive.

Plan International UK's education work

All children deserve the chance to thrive and a good education is where it all begins. But around the world, millions of children are still missing out on their chance to go to school.

  • 129 million girls are unable to go to school
  • Children with a disability are 10 times less likely to attend school than children without a disability
  • Girls living through conflict are more likely to be married by 18 than to finish school

Plan International are working to make sure every child can access their right to an education. From building schools and training teachers to setting up temporary learning spaces after a disaster and making sure girls know their rights, they’re supporting children to stay in education and build a brighter future.

For example…

In Nigeria, they’ve helped 1,517 teachers take part in training courses to support children who have missed time in school. In Zimbabwe, 12,039 out-of-school girls are now learning literacy and numeracy in community-based learning hubs, and in Ethiopia, 5,210 children in refugee camps are being supported to get back into education and thrive.

Our support

For every TEFL course we sell in 2024, we're donating £5 to Plan International UK via Work for Good.